Rack mounted battery

48V Energy Storage LiFePO4 Battery Features

◉ Standardized design:Standard 3U and 4U case,good applicability

◉ In parallel to enlarge energy:Add the current limiting module,support multiple battery parallel use,expand the battery capacity,meet the high energy demand of customers.

◉ Intelligent lithium battery management system:With RS485 communication,you can monitor the battery status at any time and set protection parameters such as charge and discharge according to customers'requirements.

◉ Warnign function:Warning functions such as overcharge,overdischarge,overcurrent,high temperature and low temperature can greatly reduce the potential safety hazard.

◉ Balancing:Automatic collection of battery single eries voltage,pressure difference to 30MV(can be set),automatic start equalization function.

Products Functions

  • High energy density
  • High safety
  • Flexible installation
  • The one-stage battery cells
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Undervoltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Low-temperature charge protection
  • High-temperature charge protection
  • Low-temperature discharge protection
  • High-temperature discharge protection
  • Charge over-current protection
  • Discharge over-current protection
  • Dormancy function
  • CAN, RS485, RS232 communication
  • Extensive expansion, supporting up to 15 in parallel


Product Specifications

Product application diagram


Products Benefits

  • Use brand new high-quality battery cells to ensure long cycle life and security.
  • Provide 11-year warranty service.
  • Certified by CE, MSDS, UN38.3.
  • 2.4KWh-9.6KWh Large capacity which can meet more needs of customers.
  • The Rack-mounted design can save storage space.
  • High stability BMS adopts the Cyprus which can be compatible with more inverters.
  • The logo and the color of the shell can be customized.